Cooking requires a light head, a generous spirit and a big heart – we must agree with Mr. Gauguin. Our dearests – continuous creativity, good stance and fresh motivation – need tender care so after 10 and 13 years we’ve left agencies to create our new cuisine of marketing communications called Fork and Knife.

Just a head of art and a creative director can be so different and still the same to satisfy various tastes with daring menus. Once who’ve entered for something delicious to us, will return for the same gainful uniqueness. But we are still not completely satisfied. We’re looking for new personal experiences or looking forward to those who know what we still don’t.

We know the way from apprentice to chef, we saw the bright and the dark side of the kitchen. Now when we receive our own guests at our creative table, we can talk about business as well. We’ve been serving our ideas for 3 years for Hungarian and multinational companies, and it doesn’t matter if the challenge comes directly from the client, or through an agency, we have the same recipe: "as if the business were ours”.

Fork and Knife clients can order toothsome corporate identities, custom designs and websites, or can brief us to build up brands or to increase brand awareness for their products. We are also skilled in delicious offline and web-based promotional tactics. We’re ready to think together, keep ourselves up to date to build strategies and we always keep our down-to-earth way of thinking in execution to deliver good value for money.

Since our taste makes us and each of us desires different things, we layed a huge and various table for you. And meanwhile you are choosing your favorits, please remember that observation of the difference is a kind of learning and the pleasure of the similarity is a kind of blessing. We hope you’ll find both of them here. Let’s meet soon!

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